Soft, intelligent, airy female voice, described by some clients as “spellbinding” and “sexy”, will speak beautifully to your audience and trigger the needed response by building trust and emotional aura.

My name is Katja, and I am a multilingual female voiceover talent with two native languages, Russian and Ukrainian, possessing fluent English and Dutch (in intriguing accent), including special areas like child voice and acting. I also love speaking in any language (short phrases).

From my own studio in Europe I am happy to help you with your next production, just like I helped hundreds of clients around the world.

Your audio can be recorded, revised, synced, cut, put through special effects magic, and delivered in a desired format and quality.

My other services include translation (EN >> RU, NL >> RU), proofing, sound editing, help with writing and production consulting.

My voiceover portfolio of demos is categorized in the sidebar on the right for your convenience.

Also, make sure that you check out SpokenStock, the unique voice tracks archive of great use for those of you bosses who need it momentarily, affordable and really well done.

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk!